воскресенье, 15 июля 2012 г.


Today is the craziest day! I don't remember everything, because my brother and I drank some wine and I fell asleep hahaha! But if I look through all these photos ( there are a lot of them!) I can imagin what was happening today. We swam in the pool, cooked fried meet, ate, drank, played badminton, shot and  laughed of course! When I woke up I started shot everything around me! So look!
Dress: New look; hat: H&M; nails: OPI.

In the pool:

 After the pool - my wavy hair!!! Oh, no! Hahahaha

  On the kitchen - preparing food :)

Fried meet! mmm...

 May be I was little drunk, but I don't remember next pics hahaha!

I have already woken up. Evening:

Hope you had as wonderful weekend as I!!!

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